SignMe – Visitor Management System

The visitor management system is designed to automate the process of visitors access, makes it faster, easier, more accurate and secure. It provides the system with features that make it unique and irreplaceable. It has is the ability to read the Identity (NATIONAL ID, PASSPORT, DRIVER LICENCE) and convert it to a readable database format (TEXT) in less than 5 seconds. The system is integrated with Acces Control, electronic gates and surveillance cameras to ensure the maximum control and security. It also provides the authorization to the visitors issued by the hosts through the WEB interface. Each visitor can view his visits reports from his personal account on the WEB.
  • Scan the visitor Identity National ID, Passport, Driver Licence,
  • Convert the Identity to TEXT and get the Name, Identification Number, Birthdate, Gender and the Country,
  • Select the visit location and the reason,
  • Take a photo for the visitor,
  • Issue the smart visit card with the access privileges,
  • Send SMS or an email to the host,