Parking lot controller with SDK C#, VB.NET

Parking system controller is open source panel with the SDK, easy to use, plug and play. Stable and reliable solution.

The parking controller supports hundred of features serve for the parking lot solution. Easy to use and develop.

The parking system controller is supported by professional team of developers. The parking system panel meets all the business needs for parking lots.

Parking panel features

  • Ticket printer
  • Interactive LED
  • RFID & QR readers
  • 10,000 subscribers’ on buffer and unlimited online
  • 100,000 log record offline on buffer and unlimited online
  • SDK C# / VB.NET – Easy to use with full technical support
  • Multi Access Triger
  • Bluetooth
  • Multi programmable inputs and output
  • TCP/IP
  • Maintenance mode
  • Operating temperature -20°c to +70°c