CAS – Counting and Analysis System

Counting and Analysis System (CAS) is part of the SAMS system developed by Golden Developer. The system consists of two main parts: the first operating system (Software) and the second counting device connected to the operating system through the Ethernet and on the other connected to the sensors of vehicles.

Uses for Vehicle Counting and Statistics System:

  • Bus and taxi stations: The system can show passengers the number of cars available on each transport line.
  • Garages and public and private parking spaces: The number of available parking spaces can be displayed in each area separately and can prevent the arrival of cars in case of reaching a specified number.
  • Collecting fees on roads and axes: The system can identify the number of cars and the car category through the number of tires, which helps in determining the value of the fees to be collected according to the category of each car.
  • Roads and main axes: where the system can identify the number of cars located on each road. With statistics and reports on the quantities of car traffic on roads and axes.

Main CAS functions and features:

  • The system can count and count vehicle numbers.
  • The area can be divided into several main and sub-zones.
  • Display results on public graphics screens and displays variable messages according to the counting results. examples “busy road” – “There are 20 free places on the second floor” – “garage is full” and so on …
  • Show instantaneous reports.
  • Control the bus head stations and show notice of available buses for each transport line upon arrival.
  • CAS is integrated with electronic gates to prevent or allow vehicles to pass through when a specific condition is met.
  • CAS is integrated with a statistical reporting unit and statistical information.
  • CAS can manage up to 2048 between an entrance, a corridor and a road on one master system and management.
  • Operating interface supporting Arabic and English.

Advanced properties:

  • CAS is able to recognize the types of cars by automatically identifying the number of tires in the vehicle.
  • Web module for easy access and supports all computers, tablets and mobile.