ASMS – Automatic System For Memberships and Subscriptions

The Automatic System For Memberships and Subscriptions is a flexible dynamic system designed using advanced web technology. It integrates with smart membership cards, electronic gates, access control panels, surveillance cameras. The system of subscriptions and membership consists of some modules.

  • The control panel and the settings module are very flexible and smooth, allows to configure the system to comply with the environment and the business needs and the changes that may occur at any time.
  • Subscriptions and sales screens consist of a set of tools for the management and registration of subscriptions and the issuance of all kinds of cards, such as membership cards and control services and additional sales.
  • Administrative, accounting information and reports is a module that is divided into several levels, such as reports and queries of the system staff with limited powers to the senior management reports and the moment by moment report that presents the workflow in a way that is privileged.