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ANPR Hub Application for License Plate Recognition

LPR technology is used worldwide for law enforcement purposes, including verifying if a vehicle is registered or licensed. It is also used for electronic toll collection and recording traffic in cities and highways.

LPR technology works efficiently with Egyptian license plates, as the system can recognize Arabic letters and numbers, including both old and new versions of Egyptian license plates. The system relies on image processing techniques to analyse the plates accurately and quickly, making it an ideal tool to use in sensitive environments such as Egyptian government facilities, shopping malls, residential complexes, airports, and ports.

ANPR Hub can read all types of vehicle license plates automatically and professionally using existing surveillance cameras or special cameras designed specifically for this task.

One of the main advantages offered by ANPR Hub is its ability to recognize Egyptian Arabic license plate numbers with an accuracy of up to 98%, even in the most challenging environmental conditions such as dark nights and bright sunlight. This feature allows users to rely on the system at all times, enhancing safety and efficiency.

In addition to high recognition accuracy, ANPR Hub is capable of classifying the type of vehicle by recognizing the color of the license plate. The system can identify seven different colors of plates and effectively and accurately recognize handwritten license plate numbers. It can also automatically identify vehicle categories such as cars, small and large trucks, buses, and motorcycles.

Additional features of the ANPR Hub application include automatic recognition of the vehicle’s model, brand, and color, as well as complete integration with CCTV cameras. It can capture and recognize faces inside the vehicle and link them to the vehicle’s license plate number. Order Now!