ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR is a technology able to detect any car plate number by using surveillance cameras. The plate number will be then settled as the car identity in the system by integration with Access Control module.

What is the widely employ of an ANPR?

Manage parking subscriptions, adding permissions to the plate number like subscription start date, subscription expires date, lanes authorized to the car, schedule set for the car to use the parking and any other data you will require. Every time the car will come into your parking the GD ANPR will check automatically before the car enters, all the permissions linked to its plate number, through the surveillance cameras, allowing or denying the access.

POS at exit (cashier) or centralize POS (cashier). The GD ANPR can works as the cashier using the plate number as identification, once the ANPR read the plate number will tell you the time the car stayed inside the parking and the amount of money it should pay. The calculation will be done using the extended 12 levels of tariffs integrated inside the ANPR system. In plus, a professional discount panel to apply any offer you need. We created also a dedicated panel for the events that require different prices.

GD ANPR has the fast and unlimited memory that lasts for years! Once the car passes in front of the camera, the system will inform you automatically about the full history of the car in the parking. I.e. all the previous entry and exit information, information about the car, the driver and any notes related to it.

GD ANPR is also designed to take captures for the car and for the driver every time the automobile enters or exits from the parking, saving them within the car information.

ANPR is provided with alarm and warning system surveillance monitor, SMS and e-mail. You have the possibility to block the unpaid parking cars, cars reported stolen, cars from the blacklist.