Web-based security management is a new form of electronic access control. Whereas most current electronic systems use local networks and dedicated servers. Web-based systems manage security entirely over an internet connection.

Unlike server based systems that require technically challenging and expensive server installations, web-based systems only require a single network appliance that is easy to install and can be configured within minutes rather than hours. This makes web-based systems especially suitable for small, remote sites or temporary offices.

All system data can be accessed through an internet browser on practically any device, including laptops, tablets and even phones. This allows end users to manage access to sites from any location.

Web-based access management solutions also have significant potential for integration with other internet based security systems such as IP Camera-based surveillance systems. This means that web-based systems are likely to be among the more future proof systems available on the market.

So what are the benefits?

  • Web-based systems eliminate the need for expensive server equipment that is time-consuming to set up, reducing initial costs considerably;
  • All identities, roles and policies on the system can be conveniently synchronized in real time over the internet;
  • Low set-up costs make this technology especially cost effective for small scale sites.