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Pioneering Technology Solutions

We're a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions. With a proven track record of successful projects, we take pride in our ability to harness the latest technologies to solve complex challenges. From AI-driven software to revolutionary hardware developments.

Complete Solution In One Platform

We are a technology systems company with more than 10 years designing and manufacturing software and hardware for parking lot and access control, ticketing and revenue collection systems, as well as OCR applications. We offer comprehensive and innovative technology solutions adaptable to all markets.

Selective Products


SignMe is powerful solution with multi-modules reads the National ID, Driver and Car License with accuracy up to 100% including Arabic IDs and converts it into text in a second. Add an edge to your software by using our powerful SignMe engine for IDs reader. SignMe has also a powerful visitors management system with a success record spanning 10 years and more than a thousand of successful installations.


ANPR Hub is a sophisticated and integrated application for automatic registration of license plate numbers, time, location and direction. ANPR Hub works primarily with Egyptian Arab license plates, the system can reads Arabic letters and numbers as well as old and new versions of Egyptian license plates in the dark night and bright sunlight. We own successful operating records for 10+ year.


Integrated powerful Parking System offers the flexibility and creativity to satisfy the demands of all customers. ParkMe is very flexible system and offers wide choices of identifications keys. Select the preferred access method based (thermal paper roll or fold tickets, Smart Card, NFC or LPR).

Happy Community

Welcome to Happy Community, your all-in-one cloud-based solution for seamless community management! With just one click, owners can effortlessly generate e-keys, while sending QR invitations to visitors has never been easier. Need services or facilities? Simply ask through the app! Plus, our comprehensive renting module streamlines the entire process. Experience convenience and connectivity like never before with Happy Community.


QTik is a professional queue management system using queue management technology. The aim is to establish a queuing system on cloud with lowest infrastructure and the highest features by adoption on the digital tech and ai. Easy to establish and use.

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Frequently asked questions

Golden Developer is a leading technology systems company with over a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge software and hardware solutions for parking lot and access control, ticketing and revenue collection systems, and OCR applications.

Software’s development mainly for physical security systems and light current

Our approach to software development is agile and collaborative, focusing on iterative improvements and user feedback throughout the development lifecycle.

We ensure the security of our software through a multi-layered approach that includes robust coding practices, regular security audits, thorough testing, encryption protocols, access controls, and prompt patching of any identified vulnerabilities. Additionally, we stay updated on the latest security trends and adhere to industry standards to mitigate risks effectively.

Depends on product. Our pricing structure is a mix between fixed prices and custom prices

Yes, we offer maintenance and support services after the completion of the project to ensure the continued functionality, security, and effectiveness of the software solution. Our maintenance and support services are designed to provide ongoing assistance and address any issues that may arise post-deployment. Here’s an overview of what we offer:

  • Regular Updates and Patches
  • Technical Support
  • Security Updates and Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • User Training and Documentation Updates
  • Feedback and Feature Requests Handling


Our commitment to providing maintenance and support services underscores our dedication to delivering long-term value and ensuring the success of our clients’ projects beyond the initial development phase.

Yes, absolutely. We prioritize comprehensive documentation and training as integral parts of our software development process. Our aim is to ensure that our clients and users can effectively understand and utilize the software we develop.

We offer comprehensive support services to ensure a smooth experience both during and after the deployment of our software. Our support encompasses various aspects to address any issues or concerns that may arise, and to facilitate continuous improvement and optimization of the software solution.

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