Dual Reader QR RFID GDS-410-MF

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GDS-410 is Dual Reader is a new generation of Smart Card Readers working in dual mode as QR Code and RFID card reader. Supports multiple communications protocol such as Wiegand, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB.
The appearance of the product adopts the standard 54 box industry standard. The scanning speed is fast, the recognition rate is high, the compatibility is strong and at present, it is widely used in business office building visitors to enter personnel management, scenic visitor management, community visitor access management, administrative hall access control, supporting gates, access control and visitor machines.


SRMS – Smart Residence Management System

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SRMS Helps you automate all operations, from asset inspection, maintenance request management, maintenance scheduling, task distribution, to in-depth report generation.

  • Monitor the conditions of all units (exp. flats, villas, ..) and perform inspections through mobile devices
  • Get the detailed information of the units and find out their real payment due
  • Easily manage maintenance requests and scheduling through the system
  • Keep digital copies of all your tenancy contracts organized in one repository
  • Optimize the profit generated by the units throughout their life cycle

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SignMe – Visitor Management System

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The visitor management system is designed to automate the process of visitors access, makes it faster, easier, more accurate and secure. It provides the system with features that make it unique and irreplaceable. It has is the ability to read the Identity (NATIONAL ID, PASSPORT, DRIVER LICENCE) and convert it to a readable database format (TEXT) in less than 5 seconds. The system is integrated with Acces Control, electronic gates and surveillance cameras to ensure the maximum control and security. It also provides the authorization to the visitors issued by the hosts through the WEB interface. Each visitor can view his visits reports from his personal account on the WEB.
  • Scan the visitor Identity National ID, Passport, Driver Licence,
  • Convert the Identity to TEXT and get the Name, Identification Number, Birthdate, Gender and the Country,
  • Select the visit location and the reason,
  • Take a photo for the visitor,
  • Issue the smart visit card with the access privileges,
  • Send SMS or an email to the host,

ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

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ANPR is a technology able to detect any car plate number by using surveillance cameras. The plate number will be then settled as the car identity in the system by integration with Access Control module.

What is the widely employ of an ANPR?

Manage parking subscriptions, adding permissions to the plate number like subscription start date, subscription expires date, lanes authorized to the car, schedule set for the car to use the parking and any other data you will require. Every time the car will come into your parking the GD ANPR will check automatically before the car enters, all the permissions linked to its plate number, through the surveillance cameras, allowing or denying the access.

POS at exit (cashier) or centralize POS (cashier). The GD ANPR can works as the cashier using the plate number as identification, once the ANPR read the plate number will tell you the time the car stayed inside the parking and the amount of money it should pay. The calculation will be done using the extended 12 levels of tariffs integrated inside the ANPR system. In plus, a professional discount panel to apply any offer you need. We created also a dedicated panel for the events that require different prices.

GD ANPR has the fast and unlimited memory that lasts for years! Once the car passes in front of the camera, the system will inform you automatically about the full history of the car in the parking. I.e. all the previous entry and exit information, information about the car, the driver and any notes related to it.

GD ANPR is also designed to take captures for the car and for the driver every time the automobile enters or exits from the parking, saving them within the car information.

ANPR is provided with alarm and warning system surveillance monitor, SMS and e-mail. You have the possibility to block the unpaid parking cars, cars reported stolen, cars from the blacklist.


PMS – Parking Management System

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SAMS Parking Module is a complete rich parking solution, support multiple Identification keys PAPER TICKETS or PLATE NUMBER or RFID and all of them can work in parallel. SAMS Parking Module can manage the TRANSIT CAR PARKING and CONTRACTS CAR PARKING. The main functions we provide in our PMS are as the following,

  • Access the parking using the printed barcode tickets, or the RFID,
  • Print the car plate number on the ticket,
  • Different models of cashiers Exit cashier, Centralize cashier,
  • The grace period for Limousine Cars and Taxi,
  • Flexible models to handle the transit models, the cars pay by the hour or the day,
  • Contract parkers model, the cars has subscriptions,
  • UNLIMITED categories and tariffs plans,
  • UNLIMITED methods and levels of discounts,
  • UNLIMITED methods and levels for events such as the wedding parties, birthdays, conferences and others,
  • Parking Managment For Hotels and Guest In-House,
  • Valet Parking Managment.
  • Save a photocopy of the vehicle licence and driver licence.
  • ANPR is inside and fully integrated with our PMS.
  • Surveillance Cameras Systems are Integrated with our PMS.

VpMS – Valet Parking Management System

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Valet Parking is an extension for the PMS, kindly review the PMS specifications before starting in Valet Parking,

Is an automated efficient, scalable and reliable Valet Parking System with the ability to seamlessly integrate with Security and Parking Systems Components and devices such as Access Control, RFID Readers, ANPR, Variable Message Signs, Barriers and Road Blocker.

Workflow on receiving the guest:

  1. Call from the history or Scan The Licenses For the Driver or/and the vehicle,
  2. Select The Parking Location according to the parking map,
  3. Issue Tickets with all the necessary information for the transaction,
  4. Guest Receive a ticket.

Workflow to access the parking:

  1. Check the identity of the driver using the electronic validator,
  2. Check Vehicle Identity using the electronic validator,
  3. Capture Vehicle body, and the driver face using the surveillance cameras that integrated with our VpMS,
  4. Detect the car plate number,
  5. Open the barrier.



CAS – Counting and Analysis System

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Counting and Analysis System (CAS) is part of the SAMS system developed by Golden Developer. The system consists of two main parts: the first operating system (Software) and the second counting device connected to the operating system through the Ethernet and on the other connected to the sensors of vehicles.

Uses for Vehicle Counting and Statistics System:

  • Bus and taxi stations: The system can show passengers the number of cars available on each transport line.
  • Garages and public and private parking spaces: The number of available parking spaces can be displayed in each area separately and can prevent the arrival of cars in case of reaching a specified number.
  • Collecting fees on roads and axes: The system can identify the number of cars and the car category through the number of tires, which helps in determining the value of the fees to be collected according to the category of each car.
  • Roads and main axes: where the system can identify the number of cars located on each road. With statistics and reports on the quantities of car traffic on roads and axes.



STMS – Smart Ticketing Management System

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The STMS is divided into three categories,

  • Class A is used in clubs, games and debit cards.
  • Class B is used in cinemas and theatres.
  • Class C is widely used in museums and archaeological areas of all kinds, parks and sports clubs.

STMS in general issues the tickets for the visitors, handle the access, exit process for the visitors and the employees, issue financial and accounting reports and performance reports. The system is integrated with automatic gates, access control system and surveillance cameras. The system consists of three main units.

  • The Sales unit (POS) and ticketing unit,
  • The Automatic Gates and the Control Unit,
  • The management unit and system control,
  • Reporting unit.

ASMS – Automatic System For Memberships and Subscriptions

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The Automatic System For Memberships and Subscriptions is a flexible dynamic system designed using advanced web technology. It integrates with smart membership cards, electronic gates, access control panels, surveillance cameras. The system of subscriptions and membership consists of some modules.

  • The control panel and the settings module are very flexible and smooth, allows to configure the system to comply with the environment and the business needs and the changes that may occur at any time.
  • Subscriptions and sales screens consist of a set of tools for the management and registration of subscriptions and the issuance of all kinds of cards, such as membership cards and control services and additional sales.
  • Administrative, accounting information and reports is a module that is divided into several levels, such as reports and queries of the system staff with limited powers to the senior management reports and the moment by moment report that presents the workflow in a way that is privileged.

Wiegand Barcode reader GDS-308

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GDS-308 is 2D Imager Module provides a self-contained 1D and 2D barcode scanning solution, whether decoding mobile phone screens or paper. It offers many differentiating features that simplify installation (e.g., cable connector compatibility and more mounting options) and enhances performance (e.g. Wide Angle and Megapixel optics options, a wider choice of non-laser aimers and illumination, enhanced scan time and print contrast, and higher operating temperature range). Its unique design simplifies installation and deployment for a wide range of applications.